Disgruntled Road Warrior

In a previous post, I railed against those “road warriors” who bemoan their sad life of traveling around the country on someone else’s dime. One such tragic figure was profiled in an article in the Mpls. StarTribune. His big complaint: he has the highest level of Frequent Flyer status with Delta, yet feels he is not receiving the perks he deserves. Specifically, he sees others with lesser status getting his first-class upgrades.

How sad. He travels 175,000 miles per year, yet he has to ride in coach. The horror.

Here’s my question: why so much travel? He is a Vice President of Sales for Conair, makes of hair dryers, irons, etc. His home is in Green Bay, and the corporate HQ is in New Jersey. I assume that his travel includes trips to HQ and client visits. I’m not sure what phone and internet service is like in Green Bay, but I’ll bet some of that travel could be supplanted by phone calls or Skype. Just a thought.

Interesting picture of him sitting at the airport, dressed casually in shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt. Off to visit an important client? One wonders…

The point of this is not to hammer on this particular guy. I’m sure he feels that he “has to” travel that much, as opposed to it being a result of his choices of where to live and how to do his job.

If he really wants to fly in first class, all he has to do is buy a first class ticket. I’m told Delta sells them right on their website. And if he doesn’t want to spend his own money, I’m sure that if all that travel is so critical, he can convince his company or his clients to pay for it.

The bigger issue is the legions of people who choose to travel for their work (and yes, it is always a choice) and then complain about it. It’s real simple, folks: change your choices or your attitude.


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