The Return Of The Prodigal Blogger

Experts in Blog-o-Metrics say you should post to your Blog every single day. After an exhausting search through blog expertise, I can find nothing that indicates that a three-month gap in postings is the magic key that opens the vault of Blog treasures.

Well, we’ll just see about that.

The thunderous silence that has met my Blog absence would seem to indicate that the world has not ground to a halt without my processing of words in this format. Difficult to believe, but you can’t argue with the facts.

Nevertheless, the RonnBlog is back…with new ideas, improved insights, updated links and the same reader-friendly font. And still at same low price!

To those of you who have faithfully checked in over the past 3 months, let me say I’m sorry…or you’re welcome, depending on your point-of-view. The gap in postings is not due to any crisis or major life disruption. Just travel and flawed time management.

Watch this space! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Okay, well, you might. So maybe I shouldn’t promise that. How about this: the next post will arrive long before Winter.

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