I have come to believe that the biggest threat to an organization is not making the wrong decision. It’s making no decision at all!

I have watched as leaders agonize over a decision, frozen with the fear of making a bad choice. So, decisions are delayed. Words like inclusiveness, caution, prudence are used to rationalize the delay. But with each passing day, the lack of decisiveness looms as a larger threat to the organization’s future.

Most leaders and organizations can quickly identify the choices they have when faced with a decision. It’s the weighing of the finalists that can bog down the process. Most of the time, any of the final alternatives will get to 80-90% of the solution.

But when organizations strive to get that last 10%, they delay the journey toward the bulk of the advantages. In these times of rapid change, Velocity is everything. Moving quickly and clearly in a desired direction is the quickest path to success, yet we are often hesitate, believing that the 100% answer does exist…if we can only find it.

But it probably doesn’t exist. And even if it did today, tomorrow it will be different.

So, giddyup! Find that 80-90% solution, and commit to it. As my mentor and friend Tom Haller says, “I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but I’m not confused.”

Get clear, decide, and move fast with confidence.


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