Well, THAT Didn’t Happen…

Like many, I was more interested in the end of the world proclamations of Harold Camping than I thought I would be. As May 21st arrived, I wondered, “Could this guy be right?” I didn’t really think he was, but I did check the news throughout the day as 6 PM came and went around the world.

And in the end, nothing happened. Other than the shock and embarrassment of those true believers who had spent their life savings, rearranged their lives and otherwise prepared for the end times, and the sudden silence of Mr. Camping, it was just another Saturday.

So, now what? I hadn’t made plans for the Rapture, but I was putting off mowing the back yard. And now I’ve got dandelions the size of sunflowers.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Camping. You were highly entertaining for a few weeks, displacing Charlie Sheen as the leading nutjob in America. Of course, now Arnold Schwarzenegger (and the failure of your prognostications) has displaced you.

So, the beat goes on. The sun continues to rise in the East and set in the West, life goes on, tragedies befall some, triumphs arrive for others, the Great Comedy rolls on for all.

And the towering dandelions await the mower.

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