A Week Of Learning

I just completed a fantastic week, one that brought many of the joys of my life together. I presented at three Safety Meetings, discussing Culture, Safety and Personal Accountability. I facilitated a workshop on moving from Compliance to Commitment. I attended three baseball games. And I had numerous conversations with interesting people.

So, here’s a snapshot of what I learned in that week:

  • There is something very fulfilling about helping people work and live safer.
  • One of the best ways to spend 3 hours is to sit in a ballpark with good folks who know the game.
  • We are all one decision away from something terrible…and something wonderful.
  • The brats at Busch Stadium are really good, but the brats at Dickey-Stephens Park (home of the Arkansas Travelers) are even better.
  • There are people you meet that have a light in their eyes. Hang on to them with all your might. And if they don’t, move away as quickly as you can. They are Spiritual Vampires, and they’ll suck the fun out of you if you let them.
  • When you spend a week with people who are among the best at what they do—be it baseball or Safety or making cement—it’s a great week. You stand amid giants.
  • There are small groups of people in this world who are doing amazing things. Try to find them.
  • After all these years, there is still magic in watching the St. Louis Cardinals in person.

And last, but perhaps most important…

  • I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have, the friends I have made and the adventures past, present and future.

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