Gratitude From The Bandwagon

Well, the amazing World Cup run of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team has ended, thanks to a shootout defeat in the Final at the feet of Japan. An exciting game, and an exciting tournament run for the U.S. women.

At least, the part I saw. Much as in 1999, when the U.S. last won the World Cup, I was late to the party. I only  jumped on the bandwagon 10 days ago when the U.S. defeated Brazil in a shootout. I was firmly on the bandwagon for the defeat of France in the semi-finals, and now, in the wake of a great game that didn’t end the way the U.S. had hoped, I’m still on the bandwagon.

In my brief  ride, I learned a lot about soccer, like the meaning of Caps, off-sides, through-pass and distribution. I became so confident in my new-found knowledge that I could question the ref’s decisions with 100% metaphysical certitude.

Now that party’s over, who knows how long I’ll stay on the bandwagon. Typically, I fall off shortly after the hoopla has died down—win or lose.

But for now, I stand firmly with Alex, Christie, Abby, Lauren, Hope and all my other new BFs from the Women’s National Team—especially Megan Rapinoe, she of the spiky hair, limitless energy and brilliant passes.

Thanks to all of you. It’s been a fun ride.

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