Silver Lining

Like many, I watched Hurricane Irene attack the East Coast with a mixture of horror and fascination. Here in the Frozen North, we get tornadoes and straight line winds and thunderstorms, but nothing like a hurricane. With its sustained winds and torrential rains, the potential for disaster is overwhelming.

Despite the property damage and tragic loss of life, it now appears that Irene wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But there was another silver lining, as well.

I refer to the fact that television, radio and newspapers were consumed with the hurricane story, which meant we got a respite from the barrage of political “news“ that has filled the media all summer. For a brief few days, nobody seemed to care where Michelle Bachmann was campaigning, or what Rick Perry would be like as a President, or what new evils each party had discovered in the other.

It’s unfortunate that this is what it takes to gain some perspective on what’s really important. And I’m sure that once the crisis has ended and the countless recaps are over, we’ll get back to focusing on the interminable minutia of the endless campaign.

Cheer up…just 15 more months until Election Day!


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