Marking Time

I’ve never marked a year’s passing by New Year’s Day. Maybe it’s because it comes so close to Christmas (and, by the way, my birthday…please, no gifts. Just cash.) Or maybe because here in the Frozen North it falls after at least 2 months of Winter, meaning that there isn’t much nature change to mark the ending of one year and the beginning of another.

No, my markers are Labor Day and the World Series. Labor Day, because it’s the last day of the Minnesota State Fair. That’s the real indicator that Summer is over, and Fall is close at hand. This year, the weather has turned colder right on time, adding a temperature shift that augers Autumn’s rapid approach.

And the World Series, because it marks the end of another season of hope, despair and thrills. When the Boys Of Summer stop playing, that’s the beginning of Winter. The remaining few weeks are just a run-up to the holidays.

So, join me in considering today to be New Year’s Eve. My New Year’s Day will be sometime in late October. If you’re far enough North, enjoy the Fall colors. If not…well, enjoy the baseball.

And since it’s New Year’s Eve, I’m instituting a new feature to the RonnBlog:  Fact-Cetera, a random example of our strange and wonderful world. Make of them what you will.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

Paging Tony Bennett: The official instrument of San Francisco is the accordion.

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