Live Action

In this age of technology, it’s easy to connect to a world of music, film, drama and other artistic performances without ever leaving your home. I love the ability to take music with me, to access any song at any time, to watch old movies and TV shows, to see amazing performances by talented artists. It’s never been easier to enjoy practically anything you want whenever you want.

That said, I was reminded recently of the value of seeing live performances. In my last visit to this year’s State Fair (this is the last reference to the Great Minnesota Get-Together for quite a while…I promise), my fair companion and I headed to Heritage Square to score a Dreamsicle Milk Shake. Best enjoyed while sitting, we wandered over the free stage to give our howling dogs a chance to rest.

As luck would have it, we arrived just as The High 48s Bluegrass Band were starting their set. We had only planned to sit for a couple of songs, but it was so entertaining that we stayed for their entire performance. To see talented musicians live is a great experience, especially ones that clearly love what they do.

I watched in amazement as Anthony Ihrig played the hell out of his banjo. It was like the first time I saw Leo Kottke play live at the old Guthrie…I couldn’t believe how many notes came out. With only two hands, 8 fingers and two thumbs? Astonishing. Check him…and The High 48s…out if you’re a fan of bluegrass music. Or just fine playing in general. Remember what Duke Ellington told us: “If it sounds good, it is good.”

My point (and regular readers will know there is no guarantee that there WILL be a point) is that sometimes a guy has to get out of the house and go catch live performances. Music, theater, what have you. Have a real live experience.

And don’t forget to turn off your cell phone.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

Holy Smokes, Rocky! The longest flight on record for a flying squirrel is 2.5 miles.


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