Four Decades Later

I attended my 40th high school reunion recently, and present the following observations:

  1. Some people I recognized like we just graduated yesterday, and others were total strangers.
  2. There were some who had familiar faces but unfamiliar names; others had names that rang a bell but lacked matching faces.
  3. The math didn’t add up for me: 40 years since graduation, yet I’m only 30.
  4. The biggest asset of a reunion is to be in a room full of people who are all the same age. Remarkable differences in the effects of time. Some had not changed at all, others had the same personality residing in an older body, and some who had changed completely.
  5. Conversations often centered around mutual snapshots from high school. It was fascinating to see what I remembered about others, and what they remembered about me.
  6. The list of deceased members of the Class of ’71 continues to grow. Gone, but often remembered at the reunion. And most very fondly.
The biggest challenge to attending a reunion is to show up as who you are, not who you were. But something happens as the years pass: it gets easier to be yourself, and easier to be authentic with people. Want proof? I talked to a cheerleader!
And that is proof of personal growth and courage. At least for me.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

Author Kurt Vonnegut opened the first Saab dealership in America.



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