Cardinal Lesson

I am generally loathe to attach great learning to sport, unless you’re a player. But the St. Louis Cardinal’s amazing run to the World Championship does hold one lesson for me.

Full disclosure: I am—as a regular reader and everyone I’ve ever met know—a Cardinal fan. But the lesson I present is less about the Redbirds in particular, fabulous as they are, and more about baseball in general.

The lesson is this: you never know. You just don’t.

For me, baseball is the King of Sports because nearly every time I watch a game, I see something I’ve never seen before. I’ve been a fan for 50 years, and it still happens. And I approach every game with that knowledge. If I pay attention, I will be surprised. It is the very unpredictability that keeps me intrigued.

Baseball is a humbling game. Just ask Albert Pujols, arguably the best player in the game today. In Game 3 of the World Series he dominated: 5 hits, 3 home runs, 6 RBIs, 14 total bases. In Game 4: 0-for-4.

As they say, that’s why they play the games. The Cardinals should have finished several games out of the playoffs. They should have lost to the Phillies…and the Brewers…and the Rangers. But they didn’t.

It is the surprises in baseball that keep me interested. The same is true for life. As much as I long for predictability and stability in life, it is the surprising twists and turns that keep me interested.

What could possibly happen next? That’s the question that gets me up in the morning. As the beloved Cardinals proved yet again, you just never know.

Thank heavens for that.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

More blond hair dye is sold in Dallas, Texas, than any other U.S. city.


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