Talk or Text?

Let’s start with this: when it comes to communication, I’m old school. I’d rather talk than text.

That’s not to say I never text. I’m hip, I know what’s what. I don’t go so far as to use abbreviations like LOL or BOLO, but at texting I am proficient.

But all things being equal (ATBE, in textage) there are times to use texting and times to use talking.

Choose text when:

  • You are sending facts or data.
  • There is a low possibility of misunderstanding.
  • When you want to communicate without a discussion.

Choose talk when:

  • Emotions (positive or negative) are high.
  • There is any possibility of misunderstanding.
  • When you want to have a real conversation.

No matter how many emoticons, caps or exclamation marks you use, texting simply can’t accurately transmit feelings as well as talk can. When you are listening to someone you get words, tone, inflection and pace—all important clues to the other person’s state of mind and what they are trying to communicate. With text it’s words only; and my experience is that most people don’t choose their words all that carefully.

So when in doubt, let’s go with talking. It’s just better.


Today’s Fact-Cetera

Technically speaking, coffee is a fruit juice.

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