Startling Survey Results: People Lie in Surveys

A recent survey revealed that a majority of Americans lie to poll takers. The survey, conducted by the Institute of Things You Already Know, found that a whopping 81% responded “Yes” when asked if people lie when asked survey questions.

“We were surprised by their frankness,” said Dr. Umberto Hackbert, founder of ITYAK. “We suspected that Americans believe that poll respondents may sometimes lie, but we never expected the belief to be so widespread.”

The survey was conducted in early January, 2012, just after the Iowa caucuses but before the New Hampshire primaries. 13 American citizens were polled at random, and the margin of error was +/- 18 percentage points.

“We take great care in selecting a representative sample,” said Virginia Futz, research associate. “DUH insists on it.” Futz expressed confidence that the survey results accurately reflected the whole of the American public.

Both Futz and Hackbert cited comments that many respondents made. “Many not only said ‘Yes’, but ‘Hell, yes’” said Hackbert. Futz added, “One respondent told us that she has been polled by our organization on numerous occasions, and that she lied every time. By extrapolation, she represents 23 million Americans. That’s a lot of liars.”

The ITYAK has been conducting polls of this type since 1985, producing such findings as high school students want less homework, people like Sundays better than Mondays and cold sufferers describe how they feel as “lousy.” In their most recent survey, researchers found that 73.2% of respondents felt all statistics were made up.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

20% of all road accidents in Sweden involve a moose.


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