Top Ten Reasons To Visit Minnesota

  1. Just 1 hour to Wisconsin Cheese Parlors.
  2. Four glorious seasons: Raking, Shoveling, Slush, Road Repair.
  3. Former Governors named “Arne”, “Orville” and “Jesse”.
  4. Scenic Mountains: Never had ’em, never will.
  5. All-U-Can-Eat Snowcone Parlors.
  6. Mall of America: designed by Yugoslavians, built by Canadians, frequented by Norwegians.
  7. World-renowned bland cuisine.
  8. Unlimited opportunities for creation of avant-garde snow angels.
  9. Not crowded with tourists.
  10. Kids freeze free!

Today’s Fact-Cetera

General Custer once accidentally shot his own horse during a buffalo hunt.


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