Footnotes In History: The Man Who Named A War

In 1940, Wally Krendahl was a freshman at Sycamore County Junior College, where his Uncle Ed was Dean of Admissions. Wally drifted from major to major, never quite finding his calling. But then, upon returning from Christmas Break, he found the campus buzzing with the news that Accounting had been invented. Wally had at last found his life’s work. Accounting was to be his career, and looking back many years later, he would often remark, “I don’t remember a thing about it.”

But Fate was about to change Wally’s destiny forever. The clouds of war were spreading across Europe and the Pacific, and after Pearl Harbor, Wally joined millions of other patriotic young men and enlisted. His knack for numerals was soon spotted by his superiors, and he was given the task of coming up with a number for the conflict.

After exhaustive research and one false start, Wally at last hit upon the title “World War Two”. The brass loved it, and the name soon became synonymous with the Second World War. Overnight, Wally was rocketed from an obscure Seaman Third Class to a nameless Seaman Second Class.

Wally Krendahl had become…A Footnote In History!

Today’s Fact-Cetera

Before 1920, it was technically legal to send children through the mail.


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