Good Chat

Upon attending a dinner party this evening, I was reminded of the immense fun of really, really good conversation. To hear other’s stories and to tell your own is one of the great joys in life.

9 people gathered, all with various connections between each other and our hosts. Through serendipity or perhaps shrewd invitations, each person brought energy and engagement to the evening, and the result was a four-hour party that seemed to go by in seconds.

The conversations started immediately…between twos, threes, fours and the entire group as the evening rolled on. We barely touched on politics, current events and religion, but books, dance, theater, movies and travel brought laughter, connection and insights galore.

I left with 2 thoughts:

  1. Everybody has stories, and if you really listen, they can be fascinating.
  2. Gotta do this more often.

So, thanks to Ed and Mary for bringing the group together, for the amazing meal and for creating the space where we all could come together.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

A dull knife can slice cheese thinner than a sharp one.


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