From The President & CEO

With thanks to Cathy for the inspiration…


Dear Employee of Amalgamated Conglomerate Incorporated;

As President and CEO, I am pleased to interface with you vis-à-vis the current state of AmalCongInc. It is my best practice to leverage horizontal and vertical networkitude in order to maximize full-duplex communicationability. Therefore, here is the state of our organization.

As you are no doubt aware, the year began sub-optimally across all business lines. Irregardless, we refused to overly complexify our challenges, choosing instead to focus on practicable and scalable core competency optimizage. And though somewhat negative trendation has continued, I have certitude that our efforts will bear robust fruit in the very near future.

We are continuing the global umbrellarization of our out-of-the-box solutioning. Some analysts have questioned the strategicness of this approach, but their opinions are mispresumptions. Our realization indicators are trending with positivity and are experiencing high-gain buy-in as we reach out to stakeholders of all stripes.

In addition, we have launched several new ventures that are at various stages of incubation and maturation. Most if not all are exhibiting eminent completableness, and as the socializing of these ventures gains traction livemeeting-wise, I fully expect full impaction by year’s end.

Admittedly, our business has lots of moving parts, and operating at the bleeding edge as we do may look to the uninitiated as an attempt to boil the ocean. But with 110% engagement, enhanced empowerage, execution with quality and presumptive thinking, I have confirmational assuredness that we will delivering on our brand promise by taking AmalCongInc to the next level.

R. Cheever Conklin

Today’s Fact-Cetera

There are 61 U.S. towns with names that include the word “turkey”.


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