Ask The Expert Vol. 5

The Expert solves problems large and small for our readers…he knows all, and tells some.

Dear Expert: After every activity, my boss insists on having a debriefing session. Recently, she has begun to insist on “prebriefing” sessions as well. Are these valuable uses of our time and energy ? Wondering  in Wabasha

Dear Wondering: They are not. As a general rule, The Expert believes that everyone should keep their briefs to themselves…especially in the workplace.

Dear Expert: Is there a difference between “irregardless” and “regardless”? Pondering in Pittsburgh

Dear Pondering: Yes. There are two major differences: 1) They are spelled differently; and 2) “Irregardless” is used exclusively by nimrods.

Dear Expert: I have to complete something called a “Clarity Template” for my manager. It sounds an awful lot like a “Developmental Plan”. Could this be true? Confounded  In Calabasas

Dear Confounded: Like so many things in our world–such as good customer service or the existence of Sasquatch— it could be…but probably isn’t. The Expert suspects that there are subtle differences in the two documents, differences that will negate the possibility of simply cutting and pasting. You may actually have to think about what is being asked for is this so-called “Clarity Template”. That may be an unpleasant answer for you, but The Expert walks in the Truth.

Dear Expert: I am chagrined at the level of political discourse in our country. It seems that our elected leaders spend more time trashing each other than they do working together to solve real problems. Is it too much to expect politicians to collaborate? Vexed in Virginia

Dear Vexed: Apparently.

Send your queries to The Expert…no subject too arcane!

Today’s Fact-Cetera

A woman wearing stiletto heels exerts 552 pounds of pressure per square inch at the heel.

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