Hie Thee To The Dictionary

A faithful follower of The RonnBlog recently posed this question:

“How can I sound less pompous and more a Man of the People?”

A splendiferous query, in sooth. And a quodlibet that I have much cogitated upon in my idle hours.

The most rudimentary and efficacious precept to assuage imperiousness is to punctiliously scrutinize one’s nomenclature. Does your locution engender dubiety? Enkindle obfuscation? Does the average Joe or Jane find it redolent of superciliousness?

If the above is veridical, I enjoin defenestrating the deleterious vocables forthwith. Endeavor for perspicuity. Adhere to the exoteric. Do not accede to incertitude.

For example, why use “retrogression” when “peccadillo” works just as well?

By enucleating your prolixness, you will capacitate the cerulean welkin of your ruminations to undulate forth unencumbered by gratuitous discombobulation.

Allow me to peregrinate for a trice on the notion of adopting a supercilious mien in verbal trafficking. I opine that it is quintessentially a deleterious stratagem, and should be eschewed unremittingly.

So, to aggregate my cynosure, the distinguishment of your appellations can be an unguent that palliates a conversation, or a via dolorosa that culminates in wanion.

I trust you have found my postulations as fecund rather than parsimonious or sudorific. Though I don’t envisage that you are experiencing anserine epidermis, nor cacophonous cachination, nor erubescence of physiognomy, I made the maximal assay at providing salubrious verisimilitude to the gist of the inquiry. I trust I have not fomented acatalepsy, but rather exhorted you toward reducing catachresis.

Any questions?


Today’s Fact Cetera

Do you have “ephelides”? They’re also known as freckles.


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