Sales Expert Makes Amazing Offer!

“If I can’t help you increase your sales in 1 week, I’ll send you on an all-expenses paid trip to Stonehenge with famous entertainer Dolly Parton!”

ZIP “THE ZIPPER” ZIPPLEMAN, Renowned Sales Trainer

Are you a struggling sales professional?

Do you want to make more money without working for it?

Have you always dreamed of speeding along the road to big pay?


The serious business of sales requires specific skills…especially if you want to make the big dollars you know you deserve. But until recently, only large organizations could benefit from the insights that Zip “The Zipper” Zippleman possesses.

Now, thanks to modern technology, he can come right into your home or car with his special blend of reality-based sales techniques, animated speaking voice and Broadway show tunes.

How? Through his amazing set of 23 CDs, all designed to put you in the driver’s seat of the Success Sedan!

You’ll learn:

  • 14 ways to get customers to give you their money willingly!
  • 29 ways to earn commission dollars without getting out of bed!
  • 41 ways to get you manager out of your face!

For only $199.95 (Check or Money order, no stamps please, Visa and MasterCard accepted) you can get started on your personal journey to WealthWorld! And don’t forget The Zipper’s incredible guarantee: your sales will increase in 1 week, or you’re off to Stonehenge accompanied by lovely and talented star of screen and song, DOLLY PARTON!!


Contact The Zipper NOW at


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A champagne cork leaves the bottle at approximately 60 mph.

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