Danger Update!

The RonnBlog recently alerted its readers to the horrific danger posed by killer cats. In the continuing effort to protect the public, we bring a warning of two new dangers that face the average American.

A Florida man was shot while driving his truck. The assailant?

His dog.

According to police, the dog kicked a gun on the truck’s floor, resulting in the driver being shot in the leg. A police spokesperson stated that the dog was not arrested or detained, pending the investigation.

Also in Florida, a woman was shot while visiting a friend’s home. The assailant?

The oven.

While preheating the oven,  an explosion occurred, peppering the victim with shell casings. Tragically, the friend forgot that he had left a high-capacity magazine for his Glock .45-caliber handgun in the oven.

While this in no way lessens the peril posed by felines,  we must add dogs and ovens to the list of lurking dangers.

You’ve been warned…


Today’s Fact Cetera

Sharks can’t swim backwards.

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