Studies Show…

Scientists, researchers and others of an academic ilk are continually discovering new facts about the world we live in. Through the generous support of the government and philanthropists, these dedicated seekers of truth provide us with insights galore into all manner of physics, medicine, human behavior and much, much more.

It can be overwhelming to keep up with this constant barrage of new knowledge. To ensure that RonnBlog readers are conversant with what’s what, here’s a short list of some of the more intriguing  findings from recent scholarly papers.

  • Overeating and lack of physical exertion causes weight gain. (“Chowhounds & Couch Potatoes”  from The Nosh Foundation)
  • Whining, bitching and complaining creates workplace stress among listeners. (“Banging The Spoon On The Office Highchair”  from The Institute of Things You Already Know)
  • Missing items are often in the last place you look. (“There It Is” from The Center For Obviousity)
  • 80% of anything is the result of 20% of something else. (“Told You So” from The Pareto Society)
  • Oil and water don’t mix. (Immiscible Indeed!” from The Federation of Third-Rate Scientists)
  • Wearing high heels cause foot pain. (“But They Look Hot!” from The Moccasin Guild)
  • Most meetings are worthless. (“Where Productivity Goes To Die” from The Trust of  Herbert S. and Harriet T. Dubious)
  • Emails from Nigerian princes offering vast financial rewards for a small investment are scams. (“Lying Internet Bastards” from The Academy Of Idiocy

Interested readers can peruse these illuminating works at


Today’s Fact Cetera

65% of Americans say TV is a “necessity.”


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  1. Bev

    fun & funny thanks Ron!

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