BOGO? No Go!

There is a scurrilous plot afoot in local grocery stores and other retail establishments. Once again—be it wittingly or otherwise—forces are at play to undermine our beloved language.

Clearly, it’s time again for a little banging of the spoon on the high chair.

I refer to the insidious appearance of the phrase “BOGO”. You can see it everywhere . It seems to be a snappy, hip and happening way to indicate a “deal”. (I guess that’s what passes for clever marketing these days.) At any rate, “BOGO” apparently is short-hand for “Buy One, Get One Free.”

Of course, that would be more accurately be “BOGOF”’. But I can see why marketeers avoided that. It  frankly sounds a bit, well…intestinal.

So in point of fact, “BOGO” is short-hand for “Buy One, Get One.” And isn’t that what you’d presume to be the case? Do you buy one with the expectation that you’ll get more than one? Or “Buy One, Get Seventeen”?

No, you buy one and get one. That’s how commerce works. So, in fact, far from representing a “deal”, “BOGO” represents everything!

Attention retailers: knock off the “BOGO”. Far from clever, it’s annoying. And wrong.

Keep it simple, folks. If “Buy One, Get Two” is what you’re pitching, just say so. Twelve letters seems plenty short and snappy to me.


Today’s Fact Cetera

There are no rhymes in the English language for orange, silver or purple.



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2 responses to “BOGO? No Go!

  1. Mikki

    I try not be a hater but I’ve been hating on the BOGO since the first time I heard it which if I remember correctly was in an advertisement for a bummer of a shoe store that never set the bar too high in the first place. I didnt let it get me down. Then everyone started picking it up and I became irritated. Then I became numb to it. I think I even said it a couple of times. But not anymore! It’s nice to shake that off and get back to appreciating the English language again. Thanks for bringing me back!!!

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