Time To Take Out The Trash

Several phrases currently in use are well past their sell-by date. As a public service, the RonnBlog is proud to present a handy list of these worn-out phrases, their approved uses and suggested alternatives.

  • “Whatever”  Use ONLY as part of a longer phrase; e.g., “I will do whatever you want”
    • Alternative: “You have won the argument. Bravo!”
  • “How’s that workin’ for ya?”  Use ONLY in the true spirit of inquiry; never as sarcasm.
    • Alternative: “That approach does not seem to be providing the desired result for you.”
  • Don’t go there  Use ONLY as a warning about an actual place; e.g., a bad restaurant.
    • Alternative: “I’d rather you didn’t bring that up.”
  • Ya think?  Use ONLY when genuinely curious about whether someone actually uses cognitive skills.
    • Alternative: “There’s no question about that.”
  • Touch base  Use ONLY when playing baseball or softball.
    • Alternative: “I’ll contact you.”
  • Dude  Use ONLY when addressing someone is actually known as “Dude” or is a guest at a Dude Ranch.
    • Alternative: The person’s actual name.
  • My two cents  Use ONLY when giving someone two pennies.
    • Alternative: “In my opinion…”
  • Awesome  NEVER USE.
    • Alternative: “Excellent”, “Tremendous” or “Sounds good”.
  • My bad  NEVER USE.
    • Alternative: “I made a mistake and I am sorry.”
  • It’s not rocket science.  NEVER USE.
    • Alternative: “It isn’t difficult.”
  • Back in the day.  NEVER USE.
    • Alternative: “In the past…”

Once you have purged these phrases from your lexicon, don’t be shy about helping others see the light. Politely but firmly, point out to others that use of these vile phrases gives the impression that the speaker is a nitwit, bore or worse.

They’ll thank you for it.


Today’s Fact Cetera

In her witchcraft trial, Joan of Arc was also charged with disobeying her parents.

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  1. Bev

    Hey Dude Awesome!

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