Shambolic Simile

Are you like me? Are you  impressed by a clever turn of phrase? By an impressive analogy? By an illuminating metaphor?

Of course you are. And also like me, you are also horrified – perchance disgusted – by the bungling of same.

For an exemplar of said bungling, may I present Senator Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma. When asked about the likelihood of a government shutdown, here’s what the Honorable Gentleman had to say:

“We’ll fold like hot cakes if they shut down..”

A question and a comment, Senator.

First, the question: Since when do hotcakes fold?

Now, the comment: It’s “sell like hot cakes”. Or “fold like a cheap suit”, or “like a lawn chair”, or “like Dick Contino’s accordion.” But it’s not – nor has it ever been – “fold like hot cakes.”

And while I’m banging the spoon on the high chair, to whom exactly are you referring when you say “they”? Do you mean the government? Of which you have been part of since 1994? Might want to try “we” instead.

So, memo to  elected officials: when it comes to similes, analogies and metaphors, get it right or say nothing.

Here’s hoping they’ll choose the latter.


Today’s Fact Cetera

The only state flag with a different design on each side is Oregon’s.


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  1. Bev

    Excellent and always enjoyable!

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