The Lost Transcript

The following is a recently discovered partial transcript from a 1934 episode of a classic radio adventure.



And now Bricker Brothers, makers of fine dusting products, present the thrilling exploits of Captain Torvald & His Flying Norsemen! Bricker Brothers takes the guesswork out of dusting!

Captain Torvald, intrepid backwoods pilot with an encyclopedic knowledge of the northern-most reaches of Minnesota, patrols the skies to protect the wilderness and its inhabitants. Together with his hardy band of Flying Norsemen, Captain Torvald is ever ready to soar off to aid those in need.

We find Captain Torvald & His Flying Norsemen in the ready room of their base at Hjalmersson Field. A birdwatcher has reported mysterious planes flying low over Lost River State Forest, and the authorities have asked Captain Torvald to investigate.

The Flying Norsemen rush to their aircraft and take off, heading west. As they approach the edges of Lost River, Captain Torvald spots an aircraft with strange markings making lazy circles over the forest. Diving to investigate, our intrepid hero is suddenly jumped by four aircraft with the same strange markings!

Before we join the action, here’s a word from our sponsor…

Say, homeowners…are you tired of battling household dust with the same old worn-out equipment? Today’s dust can easily overwhelm the average dusters, but now there’s a modern alternative!

The Dust-O-Matic from Bricker Brothers makes short work of the most stubborn dust. Pianos, bookshelves, tables…all are quickly free of pesky dust with the Dust-O-Matic! And what about the floors, you ask? Simple! Just pull out the EZGrip™ handle to its full extension and you have a floor duster without parallel!

High or low, dust can’t hide from the Dust-O-Matic! Now with the improved FilthFighter dusting head! (patent pending)

And don’t forget Dust-B-Gone, the space-age spray for dust that won’t listen to reason. One quick spray to any surface, and Dust-B-Gone goes right to work at the molecular level where even the most obdurate dust kneels before its mighty power!

That’s the Dust-O-Matic and Dust-B-Gone, from Bricker Brothers, the last word in cleaning products. Accept no substitutes! Ask for it by name! Available at fine retailers everywhere.

And now, let’s join Captain Torvald and His Flying Norsemen in today’s exciting and danger-packed adventure!


Today’s Fact Cetera

Between 1918 and 1993, 76 patents were granted for flying cars.


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One response to “The Lost Transcript

  1. Bev

    Missed that radio show…
    believe it or not..
    it was before my time
    not much is anymore
    very fun reading thanks for posting

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