The Rockford World View

When it comes to philosophers, you can keep your Thomas Aquinas and Confucius. Plato and Aristotle, thanks for stopping by. Au revoir,  Rene Descartes.

No, for my money, all the philosophy I need can be found from one source: Jim Rockford.


Nary an episode passed without some pearl of wisdom from “The Rockford Files”. Some of my favorite examples:

“Sandbagging never works with me, Janet. It just makes me unfriendly. Cataloging my virtues won’t work, either. I hold them to a minimum so they’re easy to keep track of.”

“Sad stories depress me, so I make a policy of not listening to them.”

“I always try to avoid gunplay…it’s kind of a religion.”

“I’m an eccentric. I have a peculiar aversion to violence… particularly when it’s directed at me.”

“I do remember you at Christmastime…I just don’t do anything about it.”

“When 50 people tell you you’re drunk, maybe you oughta lie down.”

“I try to stay bright, in spite of the company.”

“People lie all the time. I know it’s a downer, I know that, but it happens.”

“You know what’s wrong with karate Jerry? It’s based on the ridiculous assumption that the other guy will fight fair.”

“I have a special this week – Opinions come with no extra charge.”

“I don’t have superiors. I have few peers and no superiors.”

And finally, this one:

“On my best day, I’m borderline.”

Aren’t we all, Jimmy. Aren’t we all.


Today’s Fact Cetera

By the time they are 65 years old, most Americans have watched more than nine years worth of television.


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  1. terrie2bfearless

    😀 Love Him!!

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