Bionics Update

I have returned to Intergalactic World Headquarters with my new bionic hip. Okay, it’s steel, ceramic and plastic, but “bionic” just has a nicer ring to it, don’t you think?

Surgery went great, as did my brief stay in the hospital. I had never spent nights in a hospital before, so that was a new and interesting adventure. Fabulous care by a number of nurses, aides and PT/OT folks. All hail 7 West at Methodist Hospital and Park Nicollet Ortho team!

In my last post, I listed my assumptions going in. Time to check in and see how I did:

  • Though the rehab process will be challenging, I believe that any discomfort I feel will be significantly better than how I feel today. Partially accurate.  I do feel significantly better; the painkillers have contributed to that, but even so, the soreness and stiffness is so much better than the arthritic hip. Yippee! I was wrong about the rehab being challenging, though. All in all, it’s been remarkably easy. Exercises and using a walker are not so tough, and I’m using a cane for stairs. The hardest part is taking it slowly and allowing my wonderful sister to take  care of me.
  • I will come out the other side with remarkable improvement in quality of life, movement and pain relief. Correct! It’s early days, but I already have more range of motion and reduced pain.
  • I will learn lots of new things about the world of health care, the people who provide that care, and myself. Correct! The care I received in the hospital was great. And I miss the room service!
  • My time in the hospital won’t be characterized by rest and relaxation; my care team will have me up and doing rehab work throughout. Not so much. Yes, I had 3 rehab sessions each day, and I walked between session, but there was also lots of time for napping and hanging out in my comfy chair. And they were always reminding me to order my next meal from room service. I think they were concerned that I was getting spindly…bless their hearts.
  • Something will surprise me. Correct! Even though I had been told by previous patients and the surgeon and everyone else, I’m still amazed that six days ago I could barely walk. And now I’m zipping around like a teenager. Okay, I may have overstated that a bit, but I am thrilled with my progress.

Again, I can’t say enough good things about all of the care givers from Park Nicollet and Methodist. Dr. Paul Johnson is a surgeon without parallel, and everyone else were not only skilled and attentive, but were also really fun people.

So the journey of rehab continues, but I am optimistic and feeling good.

Now , if only “Dance Fever” was still on the air…


Today’s Fact Cetera

Between 200,000 and 300,000 hip replacement operations are performed in the United States each year.




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One response to “Bionics Update

  1. Bev

    All great news
    I am happy for you
    I wish you a speedy recovery

    Take care,

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