Return of the RonnBlog

After a long, medically induced stay on the Disabled List, the RonnBlog has at last returned. For those faithful readers who spent the last six months periodically checking in to see what was new, and perhaps growing increasingly bitter and frustrated (or relieved), we at RonnBlog HQ offer our sincerest apologies.

Valuable bytes will not be wasted to detail the reasons why; suffice it to say that writing in even the usual moderately entertaining fashion has been out of reach. But the RonnBlog is back, and the intention is to get back to a regular schedule and reward those stalwarts who have hung in there during the hiatus.

At one point in the seemingly endless string of calamities over the past months, your scribe vowed never to write about anything medical again. But given the RonnBlog’s commitment to illumination and insight, one final foray into health care foolishness is required.

Though few and far between, there have been the occasional bright spots during this ordeal. Most require a significant stretch in definition for “bright spot”; nonetheless, here are a few examples:

  • A lifelong fear of needles has been replaced with an almost zen-like acceptance of all manner of poking, prodding and slicing with a wide variety of instruments.
  • Modesty and pride are no longer on the active roster.
  • The old bromide that “When you have your health, you have everything” manifests itself by finding great significance in small things; for instance, getting down to one bandage, replacing IVs with pills, and going an entire week without a doctor appointment.
  • Any self-pity that may rear its ugly head  is quickly swatted away by an overwhelming sense of gratitude that accompanies the realization that one has great family, great friends, great medical care…and great insurance.

Okay, that’s it for medical stuff. The RonnBlog looks forward to returning to scanning the horizon for the quirky, the weird, the crazy and the just plain interesting that fuels this space. It’s high time I returned to the important issues of the day, like the Oxford Comma. (Foreshadowing! A sign of quality bloggage!)

Back in a flash…

Today’s Fact Cetera

Can you wiggle your pollex? Hope so…it’s your thumb.


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4 responses to “Return of the RonnBlog

  1. Mary Setter Bock

    Welcome back, Ronn. Looking forward to new stuff. Mary

  2. terrie2bfearless

    Welcome home, Welcome Back, and, High Praise for the Oxford Comma! Is that one too many commas? 🙂 So glad you’re on the mend!!

  3. Glad to see you’re feeling ornery enough to write again! I look forward to many more posts!

  4. Bev Wright

    Hello hello
    I have missed you so much!!!!!!!!!!
    You are always…….
    bright witty funny clever thoughtful etc
    I am hoping your health issues are
    long gone
    Welcome back
    Sent with my love & respect dearest friend

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